Wisdom Lessons for Children

Hi there, wanted to share the link for our latest page on the site. It’s a work in progress, as I add to it as I have time. Bible Wisdom Lessons for Children.

In teaching my children, my grandchildren, and many other children over the years, I’ve collected in my head (and notebook) lots of lessons that God has shown me and laid on my heart. To share that legacy with my grandchildren, I’ve created .pdf files of those lessons. One can easily print them off, staple them together and have their own “book” to share with the young ones in their life. They are copyrighted, but if you are a parent or a teacher, feel free to download and print them out for your own personal use. They are suitable for 2 years and up.

I want the gospel to be free to all, so please respect my copyright and do not post to another website, sell, change, or otherwise abuse the intent of my sharing. Thank you.

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