Where Would Jesus Stand in All This Crazy Mess?

I’ve been asking myself lately where would Jesus stand in all this crazy mess that’s been happening in the World and in the United States these last several, troubling months….

In loose order, these are some thoughts the Lord has shown us as we’ve coursed through everything.

✢ Jesus wouldn’t fear a virus. He would know that he wasn’t going to die until his Father said it was time for him to die.
✢ He would tell people, “do not fear”. Over and over.
✢ He wouldn’t be on anyone’s “side”, but he’d looking for those who would like to walk beside him and follow his side.
✢ He would not be for violence and mayhem and lawlessness.
✢ He would say, “my kingdom is not of this world” and “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”.

✢ He’d be where he could serve and offer his life to others.
✢ He would not stand for his “rights“, but for Humility and Love.
✢ He wouldn’t let others define Love for him.
✢ He wouldn’t always wear a mask (since he doesn’t fear), but he would know he was still loving and caring in spite of what others say and not have to defend it or get uptight about their words.
✢ He would wear a mask for those who genuinely fear or are at-risk while being an example of not fearing.
✢ He would wear a mask if his “Caesar” (government and/or employer) required it since it doesn’t conflict with any of God’s laws.

✢ He wouldn’t be listening to others, but to his Father.
✢ He would make known Truth and be genuine and real and not self-righteous towards others about what he believed.
✢ He wouldn’t be defensive or argumentative or grudging.
✢ He would not stand on his “rights”. But, he would stand for his Father’s rights and others’, where needed.
✢ He would stand for what was Truth. And take the consequences.
✢ He would be cheerful wherever he could.
✢ He would not complain.
✢ He wouldn’t deliberately cause division by being opinionated and difficult.
✢ He would seek to be a peacemaker between folks in as far as possible yet without giving up his convictions (what he heard from the Father).

✢ He wouldn’t be fooled or deceived by what was really going on.
✢ He wouldn’t support anyone’s agenda on either side, but would support any who seek him.

I certainly don’t have a corner on what God thinks. Nor can I apply this to anyone else’s thought processes with the Lord. I only know that JESUS came into a world that was much like this one–embroiled in a political power struggle and full of self-centered human beings infected with strife and confusion. He came with a message of Hope and Good Will towards man and with actions and thoughts that were wholly unlike anyone else’s.

Truth defined him. Love for his Father’s will instead of his own differentiated him. He revolutionized the lives of all who looked to him. The same is still true for us in our age too.

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