What Would Jesus Think of RoeVWade Being Overturned?

What would Jesus think about Roe vs Wade being overturned? There are many who would say he’d be thrilled. But I’m not so sure. I think of when he was asked the question of paying taxes to Rome. He essentially said, “give to the government what is the government’s and give to God what is God’s.” The federal government has put the decision-making for legalizing abortion into the individual States’ hands. So… let the governments do what they do, and you worry about what’s God’s.

For many ‘worrying about what is God’s’ includes worrying about babies being killed. And they have a point. Statistics are plain that a majority of abortions are simply for convenience’s sake with little thought for the child or the consequences. Is it wrong to not want to see an innocent, helpless infant suffer horribly and die. No, of course not, but I actually kinda think there’s lots of pro-choice people who would agree with that, at least more than pro-lifer’s give credit for.

We so fervently stand for having compassion on the unborn, but as Christians, where is our compassion for those who don’t agree 100% with our perspective? Not saying you have to condone wrong. Just asking where is our compassion, care, and respect for other human beings? Where is treating another the way you want to be treated? You may be (rightfully) worried about that baby that needs it’s rights stood up for… but Jesus wouldn’t diss the woman right in front of him for the sake of his argument over the person who is inside her.

Jesus would have compassion on BOTH of them.

Killing a baby is pretty horrible, but so is killing people with your words and lack of kindness and having your fingers in your ears, refusing to hear them. And yes, I’m talking to Pro-life people mainly, but honestly.. it’s not just Christians that are full of pride about this topic. The other side is pretty snarky and mean as well.

Jesus‘ desire of heart is to walk through such a decision with a woman. Not trying to get her to do this or not do that, but SEEing her. Listening. Walking WITH her. No, he wouldn’t want anyone to kill a baby. But he WOULD want to heal, and have a say, and a voice to speak what his desire of heart is within her situation.

We make these things so black and white. So cut and dried. But Jesus wouldn’t. “Compassion requires deep humility and a willingness to step out of ourselves, suspend our rigid either/or notions of “right and wrong,” even for just a moment, in order to see another person with love.” -Ben Cremer

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice you are going to stand before God one day. A little humility all around might be a good thing for everyone, including children.

And more than all of it, this whole topic is designed to put us at each others’ throats. That’s what they want. And they’re succeeding….. Jesus help us be more than that.

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