Where You Can Find Us Now that the Market is Over for the Year

Well, we wrapped up the Farmer’s Market this last Saturday for 2023. It was a Pooh Bear’s kind of blustery day, but fun just the same. So now for the next few months until we open again you can find some of our products at the FARMacy Barn to Table Market. It’s located at 205 S. Ochelata St. in Ochelata just outside of Bartlesville towards Tulsa on Hwy 75.

These folks are very in keeping with our ideals and are a great place to get home-grown and home-made goods year round! Meat, farm milk, farm eggs, farm cheese, canned goods, crafts, and a whole lot more. They also offer lots of different classes on many self-sufficient activities. Things like Canning, Kombucha, Foraging Herbs, Making Tinctures, Sourdough, and a whole lot more. Check out their Facebook page above and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, we just made the decision to primarily keep our sales local. Our website will no longer allow sales except for our surrounding zip codes. However, if you’re needing something you can still order by contacting us via email at: JsCrossing@proton.me or messaging us on FB, or leaving us a voicemail. Not as quick and convenient, I know, but we’re feeling the importance of concentrating our focus on our local area, while still being willing to help whoever needs something elsewhere.

And lastly, as some of you already know, I plan to be focusing more of my writing on Substack. It’s a writing platform via email that is a little more freedom-minded and less censored/fact-checked. They still believe in Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment, and many people with understanding of the times are there. I hope to share more devotionals and Bible thoughts about how to manage life in the “occupied” country we now live in. If this is something you’re interested in, you can join me and sign up here. The newsletter is called “Hope and Healing in an End Time”.

You know, I’ve heard some say that their email is overflowing and they can’t get a handle on it. One thing I try to do is be diligent to “unsubscribe” when folks send emails I don’t want. That keeps things weeded out and seems to keep the spam more at bay. Another thought is to use gmail for junk and have another email for things you actually want to read. I would recommend Proton mail or Zoho. Both are free and more private than some of the other more popular email services. Either way, I hope you’ll think about joining me on Substack.

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