We Be Talkin’ Silver- Colloidal Silver

Let’s talk Silver. Colloidal Silver, that is. It was one of our family’s first journeys into “alternative” medicine more than 25 years ago. Some friends sent us a little schematic of the supplies we’d need and how to make our own: 3 9v batteries, 2 silver wires, and 2 alligator clips (one red and one black). Kinda redneck. But it worked. We used it like that for years.

And no. None of us ever did turn blue. Not even a little. That’s the first thing people wonder about usually when Colloidal Silver is mentioned. The people who have turned blue from it (which is only a small handful) did so because they basically overdosed and used it irresponsibly, drinking a truckload of it a day. Common sense comes into play here. It’s easy…. If you’re okay with being blue for the rest of your life, then drink a gallon or more a day for several months. If not, then don’t. Like I said. Common sense.  🙂

silverAnyhoo, we’ve upgraded a bit from the rednecked version in the last year or so, and purchased an electric generator. The generator uses 99.99% pure silver wire, distilled water, and a glass jar. Simple. Cost effective. Uncomplicated.

So, just what does Colloidal Silver do?

Well, it’s a natural antibiotic that’s not resistant to any strain of anything. Therefore it’s often more effective than it’s chemical counterparts.

Conditions our family has personally used Silver for:

abscessed tooth
bladder infections
infected wounds
on our pets (it’s supposed to be good for fleas)
pink eye
sore throat
athlete’s foot

This is just the stuff we’ve used it for. There’s dozens of other uses…. Here’s a couple-three good links with lots of amazing info:


One of the things we especially like CSilver for is to use as a deodorant along with our deodorant oils. Since it kills bacteria… it kills the stinky bacteria too, and so we spray it all over ourselves after we get out of the shower, and then apply deodorant oil as usual. It really works!

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