Vinegar… as Deodorant??

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar as …Deodorant?? Oh yes!

Hear me out. Don’t wrinkle that nose. Lol. ACV is amazing stuff! We have used it for soooo many things with great success.

My new favorite way to use it over these last summer months has been as a deodorant spritzer. Since it’s a fermented beverage it’s great for killing the bad bacteria that causes the stinkies. So very simple to make up a bottle for de-stinkum purposes.

Just put straight Apple Cider Vinegar (be sure to get the kind with the “mother” in it–Walmart sells several different brands) in a sprayer bottle and you’re good to go. That’s it. I’ve found the most effective time to use it is directly after taking a shower.

Won’t lie. Spray it and it smells like… well, you guessed it—vinegar. But, if you can hang on for about 5 minutes, the smell dissipates completely, yet the good bacteria remain on your skin for hours (days?) and continue to squelch the bad stinkers.

Also won’t lie. If you spray it on your pits after shaving —it’s gonna sting. But that only lasts for a few seconds—so again, if you can hang on through the rough parts you have a cheap, effective, readily available means of deodorizing naturally. No worries about chemicals you can’t pronounce or things like aluminum that can cause Alzheimer’s.

Works wonderfully too over your whole body. I like to spray it over my arms, and abdomen, as well as my pits. And you know how the heat and humidity make your back itch in the summer? Well, I spritz some over each of my shoulders several times and it helps quell some of the confounded summer itchiness that you can’t reach.

Yes, I confess, I turn on the vent so that by the time I’m done spritzing I don’t feel like I’m gagging. But, I’ve never ever, not one time, had anyone ask what’s that vinegar smell? ☺️

Since it’s vinegar-y aroma disappears completely, ACV as deodorant pairs wonderfully with our Deodorant Oils. They’re quite a bit more costly than ACV, so it saves on using them up so fast in the summer time. And while no one has mentioned a vinegar aroma, I have had quite a few compliments on how nice I smell cuz of the Deodorant Oils. And that makes me feel good.

It’s simple to make your own natural deodorant with essential oils. In a 10ml Roller bottle (easy to find on Amazon or in our store under the Rollie section) put 15 drops of your EO of choice, 20 drops of actual oil (like almond or olive) and fill it with a 100-proof alcohol, like Everclear. You can make it with just EO’s and oil also, and wouldn’t necessarily even need a Rollie… but be sure to use it sparingly so you don’t stain your clothing with the oil.

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