Validating the New Hippie Revolution. Peace Out, Man.

This might be a little weird, but hippies have been on my mind.

We have a number of friends, customers, and acquaintances who would consider themselves hippies. You know, peace, love, and rock and roll. Long hair (man-buns). Herbal tea instead of coffee. Back to earth. Bucking the establishment. Heavy, man!

Modern rebels. A lot of them are into healthy food just cuz it goes against the grain of society’s thinking.

Finding their identity in natural plants and holistic ways, more than synthetic drugs. Groovy.

They’re often portrayed as dopers and potheads. And I s’pose some of them are. But many of them are rejecting the unreality of getting high and instead, are seeking real experiences and trying not to fit into anyone’s boxes. Mellow out, dude.

They’re unwilling to play society’s game of having others do their thinking for them. They’re taking matters into their own hands and signing up to be responsible for their own health and wellness.

They’re not buying into being like everyone else or giving in to peer pressure to conform to what tv says is popular. Gag me with a spoon!?

They’re reading labels and wanting more natural, clean, and pure. That includes in relationships too. Free sex is out. Saving yourself for “the one” is in. Dy-no-mite!

I don’t consider myself to be a hippie. I don’t have a Scooby-van and friends named Shaggy and Velma. And while back in the day I drew my share of flowers and peace symbols, I’m not really into that anymore. However, I do still enjoy the occasional Beatles song, or the Eagles, or CCR; even have a few fond memories of ? Disco. Lol. ✌️?? Grody!!

There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything cycles around in 20 year increments. I’ve been through it twice now in my lifetime. Young people, millennials, are coming back to hippie ideals and baby boomers and genX’ers, are realizing they need to. Right on…..

Being a hippie means being labeled a rebel against “the system”. Anybody and everybody’s “system” in my book …be that health-wise, religious-wise or society-wise. But I’d rather that than letting other people live my life and do my thinking… and thereby dictate my actions. Ya baby!

To be honest, I reject labels in any direction though, yes, I do have my faith and beliefs and will follow what I think Jesus is telling me, tho’ I reject being labeled a Christian as people see such nowadays. I reject the label of hippie too. But, yes. I do think the new hippie revolution, as stated above, is valid, and I do encourage others to reject man-made boxes and systems, and to seek the Truth for Itself.

Boogie down, man. ✌✌





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