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I’ve been having tummy troubles for a stretch now, and ever since they started, gas and bloating have been constant companions. There’s been times my belly is so tight that it hurts. Days where I have felt—quite literally—like I’m going to EXPLODE because there’s SO MUCH gas broiling around my gut.😵

The struggle is real in more ways than just physical discomfort. Social discomfort is very real too.

You know.. it’s one thing to ”let ‘er rip” in the privacy of your own home, but quite another to do it in public. But, even while out shopping or in a crowd, you can politely “let wind” with very little sound and politely pretend you don’t smell anything and it’s all good.

However, holding it in during a meeting… in a closed room… for an hour…with your gut churning like a thunderstorm on Lake Eerie is like social DEATH.😫 Knowing what’s going to happen when you stand up.. knowing what ALWAYS happens when you stand up….😩

Finally, toward the end of this meeting, there was No Choice. The bloat and gas was getting so bad I felt almost faint. So, with a prayer, I summoned my courage, excused myself and gingerly stood up. Whew…. No sound. I was hopeful, and so was trying to vacate quickly, and I would have made it, except… my foot got hung up on my sweater on the back of my chair, delaying my exit.😵

So yeah…. there I go toot, toot, tooting not so politely as I make my way out of the room with a brilliant red glow following me all the way.😬

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Mrs. Grace. That’s me.☺️

The whole time I was in the bathroom I was talking to myself, telling myself to just go back in and act like no one heard anything. No one, except my husband (whom I was sure would cackle hysterically on the way home), is going to say anything to me about it anyway. Which is exactly what I did and no one even looked my direction. I will, no doubt, remember the whole incident forever with the accompanying red glow.☺️ But, thankfully, maybe, no one else will.🤞

Anyway, all of this is to share with you that after that incident I finally happened onto THE essential oil combination that alleviates almost all of my gas immediately. I had tried almost every oil known to man that helps with gas. Primarily peppermint mixed with variations of sweet orange, tangerine, ginger, or caraway. And all of these worked to some degree. But I discovered THE ULTIMATE quite by accident.

I’d had a diluted bottle of oregano oil (the herb oregano infused in olive oil, not the eo) on the bathroom counter. I’d been using it to help with my gut, but with only little noticeable relief for the gas. There was also a bottle of May Chang (Litsea Cubeba) essential oil on the counter that I’d used to spruce up the aroma of my bottle of hand soap. On the same day, I’d just finished an essential oil profile for school on May Chang and had read how it was used for digestive complaints. Since my gut was broiling again at that moment, I thought, “What the hey, why not see what happens?” So I put a few drops May Chang into the diluted Oregano oil, shook it, and rubbed it all over my tummy.

I could not believe it! 😲

The relief was immediate. No exaggeration. My gut all but stopped bubbling and gurgling and churning and giving me fits. It would often churn into the evening and through the night as I was sleeping as well. And it just stopped it dead in its tracks (click!). Every 2-3 hours it would start churning a little bit again, so I’d apply more and the same thing happened! Gas gone. I’m still amazed.

And the extra bonus of the whole thing?? I get to smell like a I’m wearing a lovely flowery-citrusy-spicy perfume instead of candy canes!

We will eventually be selling this combo of herbal-infused Oregano oil and May Chang. For those who already have these oils, it was about 8-10% dilution. I’ve contemplated calling it, “No More Embarrassing Red Glow”. Seems a little long though. But it’s certainly true! 😉

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