Touching Base….

Hi there, I don’t have anything real pressing to share. So, just touching base mainly. Things here have been both quiet and busy at the same time. Quiet because my husband has gone back to work for 4 days during the week, and so I’m alone alot. Busy because we go to therapy for 3 hours twice a week, then out to bowling (no, I don’t bowl), and sometimes out to eat. I can tell I must be improving because a couple weeks ago it was a struggle for me to handle such a long day, but now it’s not near so tiring.

Haven’t really been working on much Jordan’s Crossing stuff, altho’ new formulas and concoctions are always in the back of my mind. The goal is to be able to work at the Market come May. If things keep progressing, it’s certainly feasible.

I’ve got the go-ahead to be able to use a cane full time now. (Tho’ I probably won’t ditch the walker real soon bcuz it’s nice to be able to help carry things and such- like two little grandboys who like hitching a ride.. lol). Stairs and steps are getting easier. My speech is slowly getting better. All in all, tho’ overcoming a stroke is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and as I’ve had my moments of weeping and self-pity, the thought is ever with me that it could’ve been soooo much worse. My stroke was truly the mildest of the mild. Truly, our boundaries are set by God.

Well, keep in mind that the online store is still open…. Come visit us locally too. Like us on FB, or hook up with my personal Facebook page.

Til next time…….

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