The World’s Gone Crazy?

As the saying goes, what a year this week has been! We started out last week worrying about the time change and how that always messes things up, and we ended up the week going through escalating measures of Federal, State and local Government addressing the COVID-19 threat. Then there was local people panicking. All the toilet paper being bought out, not to mention meat and other food. And just a whole avalanche of everyone’s lives being turned inside out.

So, seeing that I’m a “wellness counselor“ (which means I’m certified to give everyone my .02 on health issues 😉😋), and JsCrossing is a wellness website, and Corona is a health issue on many many levels….. here’s some of the things I’m reminding myself of frequently to keep this virus in perspective.

1. More peeps have come out surviving corona than have died. By far. The mathematical facts of me or someone I know and love possibly dying from it are extremely tiny. Teensy weensy.🤏 (There’s still a possibility, so it’s good to stay humble about it, but those percentages ease my mind).

2. I am afraid of getting the flu, and take measures to not get the flu when I have to go out in public and it’s flu season. I wash my hands, I use sanitizing wipes when I get a shopping cart, I use our Germaphobe Spray on my hands and on toilets and doors, I use various essential oils to protect me, etc. but I do NOT over-react and freak out and have OCD constant fear over it. And….

3. I have less chance of getting corona than the flu. It encourages me greatly to remember that and keep reminding myself of it when over-worry creeps up.

As for my .02 to keep doing physically (which you have prob already heard some of this before, but it IS wisdom):

A. Remember to strengthen your immune system. Get out in the sunshine. 20 minutes each day. The hotter the part of the day that you can stand the more quickly vita D gets into your system. Other herbs that may help: elderberry, olive leaf, vitamin C, echinacea (don’t use more than 10 days), vitamin D3 supplements, zinc, etc.
B. Eat healthy.
     1. Eat and drink less stuff w/ sugar in it! It suppresses your immune response big time.
     2. Skip processed foods and nutrient-empty white flour foods. Same deal.
     3. Eat more salads and fruits and veggies–all the stuff you’ve known in your heart for years that you should be eating, but have been avoiding.☺️
C. Wash your hands often. You don’t need any more than a good bar of soap. Reports say that plain ol’ soap neutralizes the virus.
D. Drink a lot of water often. The virus reportedly attacks the throat first, so wash the germies down by drinking frequently.
E. Laugh a lot! Dance! Sing! Find ways to have fun. Get outdoors. Read a book. Video chat with your mom. Be creative! These activities decrease stress which increases immune function.

With all that said, here’s another thing I have been constantly reminding myself in this crisis: God knows everything that’s happening. He’s on my side. He loves me. He will never leave me. He will walk with me through whatever may happen. If I get the flu, he will help me. If I get corona, he will help me. If I need food, he will help me. If someone I love gets it, he will help me. I’ve proven this hundreds of times in other illnesses, including my stroke. Nothing has changed just because everybody’s got their knickers in a twist and the world’s gone crazy. Jesus loves me and is with me.

And he’s right there for you too.😊 Talk to him. Reach out for him in any place you’re needy.

Here’s some Coronavirus links and other links that have eased my feelings of stress that I’ve found helpful and encouraging during this pandemic crisis:

Christ our Life music. Quiet and thoughtful rendering of scripture.
COVID-19 Herbs. A FB article my aromatherapy instructor, who is also and herbalist, has given her thoughts on herbs that may be helpful with the virus.
New Living Translation Bible online dramatized. I listen to this while doing housework a lot. Amazing how many little things will speak to you.
Trim Healthy Mama Podcast on the virus. Very encouraging, lots of ideas on weathering this storm.
Natural Living Family website. This is an essential oil guy I’ve learned a lot from. He has posted quite a bit of encouragement regarding the virus.

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