The Risk of Healthy Eating

So much of what we eat is socially dependent. We eat at this or that restaurant cuz the television makes it look so awesome. Or we even just see someone near us carrying a soda or candy bar and we’re craving it. We’re tied by our eyes.

And more than that, we want to be like everyone else. We want to fit in. People around us have strong convictions of what’s good food and not good food. And we don’t wanna be different. We’re tied by their thoughts and ideals.

I mean, there’s status in Doritos, Cheetos, and Krispy Kreme’s, ya know? There’s status in Pepsi, even Diet Pepsi (?). We feel cool. Socially affirmed. At one with the universe. There’s stature in Freddy’s and Joe’s Crab Shack. There’s social acceptance in Margaritas and in Sushi and Pizza.

Hear me. I’m NOT saying it’s wrong to eat these things. I myself eat these things at times.

But. I am saying we don’t eat where we eat or what we eat JUST because of the food. We also eat what we eat because of marketing and socializing and finding acceptance in other peeps expectations.

With that said.. if you’re gonna lose weight, and if you’re gonna get healthy, and if you’re gonna truly be your own person…..then you’re gonna have to face what’s able to manipulate you.

And you’re gonna have to come to terms with what you want more: to be accepted socially… or.. risk being your own person, with your own thoughts and your own actions.

This is the truth about so many things….


P. S. One of the things that my stroke took was my voice. All the emotion was drained out of it. I was quiet before, but now I’m way more quiet. So for practice, I’ve been making audio recordings and posting them on Soundcloud. I made a recording of this blog post. Leave me some comments on what you think. Be honest, but nice please. It’s kind of fun, really.

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