The Cure for Our Virus

A virus comes and attacks a portion of our body.
It then spreads all throughout and effects every area in some way.
We spread germs and others get sick from us.
Our immune function kicks in and attacks the germ invaders.
We start to get better. And then form antibodies.
The antibodies make it easier to fight the infection next time and also help fight off different infections.
We can then pass those antibodies on to others as well.
To help them kick the virus.
Which then creates herd immunity.

That’s what Jesus did for us.

The human race was/is infected with a virus of self will.
We couldn’t overcome it.
We had the knowledge of good and evil to do it (letter of Gods word), but frequently missed the mark of consistently doing the good.
So God sent his Son to come into the world, in our image, with the same potential as we have to catch our virus of self will.
He didn’t catch it.
Instead, he fought it off and overcame the virus,
And hit the mark of good in all things,
And so in that way became the Cure for our virus.

He then offered up his Life so that Cure could be available for everyone.

And so now, when the antibody of his Holy Spirit is deposited in a person,
And is allowed control of that one’s will to go in and fight the virus,
They get his ability to overcome and can learn to consistently do the good.
They may still get infected, and struggle and maybe even fall on a sickbed for a time, but Jesus’ antibody and immune function (his Spirit) will still work to bring them to life and defeat the virus of self will.

And then we also pass on that antibody to others.
To effect them with doing the good consistently.
Salt in the earth. A lamp not hidden.
Implanting a desire in others to have the same cure.

SALVATION and the consistent righteousness it brings is HEALTH for everyone.

(Thoughts out from Romans 8:3-4)

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