Teatime Bliss, a Happy Accident

Sometimes happy accidents do happen. ? I was working on restocking some of our teas yesterday, since Autumn coolness is making its way here lil by lil. Well, I accidentally mixed in some Yerba Mate to the partial batch of Cup of Calm tea I had going. Of course, I kicked myself a couple times, but then put my thinking cap on. ?

Yerba Mate is a wonderful tea all by itself. One of my favorites, actually! Rich and spunky and full of nutrients. A bit of an energy booster. Also in the accidental mix up was Linden Flowers which is a very calming, mellowing herb. Then too, there was Shavegrass, neutral in flavor, but which has a lot of silica in it and so helps muscles relax. My thinking cap ? led me to add some orange peel and a bit of cinnamon powder.

So, I fired up the tea kettle cuz I, of course, had to try it. I steeped about a tsp for 10 minutes or so, then added some stevia for sweetness. Mmm. Ooo la la. Boy, did it hit the spot! I drank a little hot, but then poured the rest over ice. Same Ooo la la-ness. ?

Then, I had to come up with a name. My first thought was “Pick Me Up & Calm Me Down Tea” cuz that’s what it did. As I drank it, I felt a lil burst of energy and focus, while at the same time, I felt my tension fade out. But, that name was a tad long. ? So, after sleeping on it, I landed on “Teatime Bliss”. ?☕️?

We’ll have it for sale at the Market on Saturday, and uploaded to the webstore soon if you’d like to buy it there. See, happy accidents do happen. ?

Love, ?


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