Tea ‘n Candles

Ahhh! September. The month of the cool down. Soooo looking forward to Fall’s cooler temps. 🙂

In preparation for that time, we’ve got a couple new things for sale at the Market. The blog post’s name gives it away: Tea and Candles.

imageThe tea we’re selling is the same healthy and flavorful blends which we wrote about several weeks ago (you can read about that here), but we’ve packaged it in sweet little tins. So pretty and useful. These are great as gifts when paired with our stainless steel heart-shaped tea strainer. The tins hold 4 oz each which equals out to 24 teaspoons which equals 24 cups of (pretty awesome tasting) tea. 😉

imageAnother new item is our essential oil diffuser candles. Made with soy wax and essential oils. Set these little gems near where you will be while at home or in the office. Light them and the oils will diffuse into the air. Please note: these aren’t commercial candles, so don’t expect them to be super-strongly scented. Oh yes, they do have a scent, but it’s milder and more subtle. Keep in mind these candles are medicinal in purpose. So even without an overpowering smell they still have all the healing properties of essential oils.

Some scents that we have:

Lavender: very calming and soothing; for when you need to unwind or chill out a bit.

Mood-lifter: a unique floral-y/citrus-y scent based on our mood-lifter essential oil sample. Great for when you’re feeling low and need a pick-me-up.


Cold ‘n Flu: another one based off our essential oil sample of the same name. Use this when you’re being visited by the cold monster or by the flu bug. The oils will help to clean the air of germs which will aid in a faster recovery.

Okay, I think that’s it for this time. Hope to see you at the Bartlesville Farmer’s Market this coming Saturday. And we haven’t got them uploaded yet, but you’ll eventually be able to purchase these in our online store as well.

Happy soon-to-be Autumn, 🙂
mary <3

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