Sourdough- Back from the Baking Dead

Sourdough Crackers! Addicting! www.jordanscrossing.netMmm! These sourdough crackers are addicting. Especially the black pepper ones! Smack my hand, please! ?

When I went gluten free a couple years ago now, I discovered the yummy world of cardboard-tasting bread. ? So, I eventually basically stopped eating any bread except for some GFree crackers now and then.

I’m not a total bread freak the way some are, so I didn’t miss it too much thankfully. And I got healthier and dropped a bunch of weight by doing so. So, no regrets.

But I still wished for options. Mainly for the occasional homemade pizza and tortillas and crackers which were the main things I missed. Being a diet-controlled diabetic made me cautious about breads and grains though.


Sourdough has ALOT of things going for it. Both for diabetics and health-seekers in general.

It’s considered to be on the lower end of the glycemic index. The fermentation of the dough produces acetic acid (the main ingredient in vinegar). Both these things lower its impact on blood sugar.

Additionally when prepared with whole grains it’s full of nutrient dense fiber. The fiber makes it a complex carb which slows down digestion which in turn, again, takes longer to impact blood sugar, avoiding spikes.

The fermentation process also consumes much of the gluten and converts it to amino acids. Many gluten intolerant people can apparently tolerate it. (Since I’m GFree by choice, and gluten doesn’t effect me, I can’t verify this. See note*).

It’s healing for the gut, producing good bacteria. Easier on digestion. Chocked full of minerals and vitamins, making it a good source of fuel and energy. Doesn’t convert to starch in the same way as conventional bread. High in antioxidants. Good for those with allergies and auto-immune diseases.

The list could go on! ?

It’s been fun learning to cook with it, and not near as hard as I thought it might be. It does take some loyalty to keeping the sourdough alive by feeding it everyday. But once you get a habit established, it’s not too bad.

And now I get to have crackers, and sandwich wraps and PIZZA again!!??Homemade Sourdough Pizza!

Not too often. I still watch the carbs. But it’s nice to have a little baking and bread back in my life. ? I’m back from the baking dead! lol.

Here’s the link for how I got started: Traditional Cooking School

*note: If you’re celiac or truly gluten intolerant then you might want to do more research to see if sourdough is right for you.

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