Smell-good Sprays

Mmmm… smell-good stuff… that’s what I’m talking about, Willis! One of our biggest sellers at the Market is our essential oil sprays. Simple. Useful. And they smell delicious. 🙂

imageShoo-Bug Insect Repellent Far and away our best-selling item. It’s been so wet this year in our area that there’s mosquitos the size of golf balls around here, and a bajillion of them at that. Every Saturday morning when we’re setting up at the Market we lay down a barrier of Shoo-bug in the grass around our booth, and sure enough- within minutes we’re mosquito-free. We’ve had many many compliments on this spray. Safe. Effective. Natural. Chemical-free. We sell 2 oz spray bottles or 6 oz refills.

Lavender Spray– If you love the smell of lavender flowers, then this spray is for you. So, so many uses! A body spray, room freshener, use on bed linens to deter spiders, spray on minor burns to aid healing, use on your scalp to help with dandruff, freshen up the interior of your car. We sell these also in 2 oz spray bottles or 6 oz refills.

Lemongrass & Lavender Spray Same as Lavender Spray, only with lemongrass essential oil added in. Freshening and enlivening. A great flea repellant for dogs (DO NOT use on Cats), soothing to bug bites and itchy skin. Again, we sell 2 oz spray bottles or 6 oz refills.

Germaphobe’s Delight For all you germaphobe’s out there. Spray on hands when you have a cold, take with you into public restrooms, spray on door handles, and toilet seats. A natural disinfectant every bit as powerful as Lysol, and completely natural! Perfect for teachers or those who work with the public.

Citrus Spray- This is the spray we tell people to use when they ask us about getting rid of ants. Works wonders! Spray around baseboards and electrical outlets or anywhere ants are coming inside. This spray is a wonderful disinfectant too, as well as an air freshener and body spray.

Air Conditioning in a Bottle– Cooling to the skin! Perfect for hot days outside to help stay cool. I like to use this when we’re at the Market and the summer temps start climbing. Great for cooling off sunburn. Perfect for young children and babies who are out in the heat. Helps to repel insects too.

Come visit us this Saturday at the Bartlesville Farmer’s Market and see our assortment of sprays first hand for yourself. Or visit our online store.

Blessings, 🙂

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