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Very simply put together using cute baskets, bowls, or bags from the dollar store. Nothing fancy, but still pretty and very nicE for giving as gifts.
We can do many combinations of products. Some of our more popular baskets at the market are:
  • Lavender Pack (different lavender items)
  • Soap Pack (different soaps)
  • Healing Collection (different salves)
  • Spa Kit (different items relating to the bath and body. ex., soap, sprays, scrubs, etc)
  • Baby Pack (different items useful for new babies)
  • Headache or Stress (different items relating to headache and/or stress).
Once you’ve placed your order of what items you want included in the basket, email us and we’ll work with you on details.
Sorry, while we can make these with the items you select, we can’t guarantee basket or ribbon color choice. Just depends on what’s available to us at the time of your order.






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