Radiant Eye Serum


Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles a problem? Radiant Eye Serum could be your answer! Easy to use, smells wonderful, and really works.



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I love this stuff! Last Spring we had a round of pink eye go through our family, and ever since then I’ve been battling residual bags and dark circles under my eyes. Some folks don’t mind such things, but I’m too vain, I guess. 😛  I hate it. I’m not one to like using a lot of makeup because of the many chemicals, so it’s been a trick and half to try and hide it (mostly I didn’t and just hoped no one noticed). And anyway, I didn’t want to just hide it, I wanted to correct the problem.

To rabbit trail a bit, it helped a great deal to use our Luminosity. In addition to exfoliating the skin, it has the effect of tightening it and dealing with wrinkles. Using it over time, has helped with the puffies, but it didn’t touch the dark circles. So I was till in seeker mode for something that would help.

Radiant was that answer.

Made with Almond Oil which helps lighten and tighten the skin.
Argan Oil which is super duper moisturizing and when used at night deals with elasticity issues.
Sandalwood Essential Oil which smooths the skin.
Frankincense Essential Oil which is anti-inflammatory, and known for it’s wonderful skincare properties.
And Rose Damask Essential Oil to lighten the skin and fight wrinkles and aging.

Directions: Apply 1 drop to each eyelid and under eye each evening before bed.




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