Flea & Tick Dog Spray 4 oz


Our Flea & Tick Spray has definitely been a popular item at the Farmer’s Market. Folks are definitely looking for alternatives to chemical-laden drugs or sprays for their dogs. We’ve had many compliments both on it’s effectiveness and it’s pleasing smell. It has a faint citronella aroma from the lemon-eucalyptus essential oil. Some have bought it just as a deodorizer for their dogs. lol.



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Directions: Shake well. Spritz lightly and rub into Dog’s Furcoat getting down to the skin. Spray on bedding and places where your dog frequents. Use once or twice a day or spray on a bandana to keep around the dog’s neck. Spray each time you take your dog outside.

Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, natural soap, essential oils of cedarwood, geranium, lemon-eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender

NOT FOR USE ON CATS! Cats cannot process essential oils and could be fatal.

Essential oils are more than just smells and aromas, but actually have an herbal medicinal value to them. The aroma of this spray will leave you warmed, happy, and focused.  : ) A little bit citronella-ish and very pleasant.

Why is it cloudy? The cloudiness comes from the dash of soap we put into the bottle. That’s to 1. help the spray adhere to your dog’s coat, and 2. to help dissolve the essential oils so there’s no direct contact with undiluted oils on your dog. In other words, the soap makes it all that much more safe for your pet. <3


Sold in 4 ounce size only due to our inability to easily purchase spray bottle components because of the pandemic.

The purpose of Jordan’s Crossing Herbal Connections is to promote the sharing of information about healthy, natural products and dietary supplements. JCHC’s views and opinions are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured or pregnant, please consult a licensed health care professional.


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