Natural Laundry Soap Packet


We’ve mixed the ingredients for our Natural Laundry soap into a convenient packet. Just snip a corner and empty into a gallon container. We’ve found it’s easiest to use a funnel and long-handled wooden spoon to coax the powder into the jug. Will do 32 loads of laundry!






Directions: Use a rinsed out laundry soap container or a clean, empty gallon jug. Fill jug 1/2 to 3/4 full with very hot tap water. Empty contents of packet into the jug. Cover and shake until dissolved. When bubbles subside, slowly fill container to the top with water. For best results, use a half cup of All Natural Laundry Soap to a medium to large load, and then run your washer on it’s longest setting. As with any laundry soap, be sure to not overload the washer.


Ingredients: Borax, Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, Castile Soap


Read about how our family came to be using All Natural Laundry Soap here. There’s many homemade laundry soap recipes all over the web. We tried alot of them, and finally landed on what worked for us. We’ve used this soap for years, and our clothes are wonderfully clean, and we’ve never had any issues with graying or dullness. To be honest, since the soap mixes into the water and is clear in color, it sometimes makes ya wonder whether it can really work and get clothes clean. But be brave and give it a try! : )


To get whites whiter let them soak in this soap for a couple hours with a half-cup of lemon juice mixed in. Like bleach it will whiten them, and unlike bleach it won’t damage or shorten the life of your clothing. To deal with spots, use Natural Laundry Soap with peroxide directly on the spot, and let it sit. For stubborn spots we’ve sometimes had to reapply, but we’ve found this mixture of soap and peroxide has even taken out grass stains with several application, so it can be safely used over and over until that ol’ stain finally gives up and leaves.


*Note: this soap is unscented


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