Natural Baby Diaper Rash Cream -2 oz


We have this in the baby section, but it’s also a wonderful lotion in general. We’ve had several customers at the market tell us that they love it for hand cream, and that it’s helped to heal their hands from extreme dryness and cracking.



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 Directions: Use as you would other diaper rash creams.  If battling an outbreak of diaper rash, rub gently on baby’s bottom at each diaper change. For extra protection also apply Natural Baby Powder. For help in prevention, apply cream at each diaper change.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, Zinc Oxide, Bergamot Essential Oil

This formula is very nourishing and healing to the skin. Coconut oil, calendula, and bergamot are all well-known gentle skin care oils, and we’ve added zinc oxide for extra protection from wetness. This cream will not make diapers smell fishy as some diaper rash creams can do.


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