Arthritis Balm -3 oz


Our same great Arthritis Balm in a convenient 3 oz size!


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Directions: massage into affected joints. Reapply as needed. Note: this balm may seem somewhat difficult to get out of the jar. This is because extra beeswax has been added so that the balm will not be greasy or oily. Body heat will soften it quickly as it is is applied.
Ingredients: olive oil infused with comfrey, yarrow, and st. john’s wort herbs, beeswax, palmarosa essential oil, fir tree essential oil.
Comfrey: well-known for its ability to help and heal injuries of all kinds.
Yarrow: has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with inflammatory arthritis. It is also helps to bring blood and its healing nutrients to peripheral areas such as the hands.
St. John’s Wort: mostly known for it’s anti-depressant qualities, it surprisingly has very effective pain-relieving qualities as well.
Palmarosa Oil: this oil helps to relax muscles and nerves, which can help with arthritis pain.
Fir Tree Oil: another oil to help relax muscles and bring pain relief to nerves.



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