Mountain Meadow Tea (magnesium/mineral) 4 oz


Energy drink and brain food all in one! Start the day great! Nummy tasting. 🙂




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Directions: Pour 2 Cups of just boiling water over 1 tablespoon of herbs. Allow to steep 20 minutes or longer. Strain and sweeten to taste. Drink all 2 cups in the morning.

I drink this tea every morning. This is Herbal Energy and Brain Food all in one. Like a multi-vitamin that’s completely absorbed and used by the body. For me, it’s been most helpful after my stroke, but I believe it can be a boost to many other conditions. Most people are deficient in necessary minerals, resulting in muscle spasms, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, migraines and other complications. Mountain Meadow Tea (so named for most of the ingredients are found in a meadow) is magnesium-rich and chock full of beneficial minerals that if taken regularly can replenish and nourish the system.

Alfalfa: possesses extremely high nutritional value and has been shown to be able to boost levels of both Vitamin D and Vitamin K. It is also very rich in chlorophyll which has a high nutritive content

Burdock: can effectively stimulate the digestive system and the functioning of the liver and also activates the pancreas

Chamomile: primarily for flavor in this tea, but very good for digestion; high in nutrition

Nettle: immune-boosting; chock full of minerals and vitamin; high in calcium and magnesium

Oatstraw: used to treat conditions such as headaches, migraines, fatigue, and depression; works at a deep level in the nervous system to nourish and support and relax.

Shavegrass: high in silicon which aids in the absorption of calcium and rebuilds connective tissue;

Licorice: great for the adrenals and as a whole body tonic positively effecting the immune system, energy levels, nerves, digestion, and liver function. It is a harmonizing herb in this blend, causing all the herbs to function synergistically.

Marshmallow: enhances the white blood cells; soothing and anti-inflammatory; healing to the gut and bladder; gives moisture to the body.

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