Miss Moody Pants Tea 4 oz


Get in a better mood and relax! Pleasantly minty taste.



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Directions: Pour 1 Cup of just boiling water over 1 teaspoon of herb. Allow to steep covered for 10 minutes, or longer for a more powerful infusion.

The name says it all, doesn’t it? PMS? A bad day? A bad mood? Depressed and over-emotional? This is the ultimate “chill- out” tea for those hairy days when every nerve is standing on end and/or when you just can’t get on top of things emotionally.

Ingredients include:
St John’s Wort- known for reducing anxiety and aiding relaxation. It’s also a very good herb for an over-active bladder.

Lemon Balm- many calming properties to this herb

Rosehips- added for nutritional support for adrenals which help to calm in anxiousness

Spearmint- for taste


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