Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Rollie Bottles


Don’t feel like figuring out how to safely dilute your own oils for topical application? We can do it for you.

All Roller Bottles are 1/3 ounce or 10 ml (which is 2 teaspoons). They’re filled with the essential oil of your choice, and then topped off most often with sweet almond carrier oil. If you’re allergic to nuts, please feel free to leave us a note with your order that you prefer a different carrier. You can also order empty roller bottles to make your own dilutions.




We keep our Roller Bottle pricing simple. The majority of the cost in a Rollie is in the bottle itself, the label and packaging, as well as the carrier oil –and so we don’t feel the need to over-charge our customers. We don’t do organic or expensive carriers in order to keep our prices affordable.

Many Rollies’ we offer come in either 1% or 2% dilutions.

1% is generally for children ages 6-12 or the elderly, and 2% would be for 12 and up. For safest use, follow the age recommendations on the label.

We can make Rollies’ out of any oil that we sell. If it’s not listed here, just order “custom rollie” and leave a note for what kind you’d like.

Our Rollie’s usually have white lids or sometimes black depending on our stock of bottles.


The purpose of Jordan’s Crossing Herbal Connections is to promote the sharing of information about healthy, natural products and dietary supplements. JCHC’s views and opinions are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured or pregnant, please consult a licensed health care professional.


Additional information

Weight.33 oz
Rollies available:

Allergy Blend 1%, Allergy Blend 2%, Angry Bird Blend 1%, Angry Bird Blend 2%, Coughs & Colds Blend 1%, Coughs & Colds Blend 2%, Custom Rollie, Happy Hormone Boost Blend 2%, Moody Blues Blend 2%, Sleep Blend 1%, Sleep Blend 2%, Stress Relief Blend 1%, Stress Relief Blend 2%, Unstuffed Up Blend 2%, EMPTY 10 ml bottle


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