Large Lava Rock Diffuser


These are our Large necklaces, earrings, or car diffuser. These are items that have more doo-dads and are longer and/or may have larger rocks.



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Lava Rocks are absorbent and just love essential oils. I’ve had one drop on a rock last as much as two days. Of course, I usually refresh it every time the smell diminishes, just cuz I love it.

One of my fave ways to use this jewelry is to pair a necklace and a set of earrings together to match my outfit for the day–especially if I’m going out in public. Something I always did even before the pandemic ’cause I don’t want to get sick period, but that’s true now more than ever. To be wearing all three effectively helps to create an “aroma mask” where there is a barrier of germ-killing, immune-boosting essential oil molecules that bacteria or viruses, both incoming and outgoing, have to pass through.

Directions: place just one drop of essential oil on a lava rock and wipe with a tissue carefully to spread the oil all around the rock. Best to keep undiluted essential oil off your skin whenever possible.

If you’re interested in these, email us or message us through facebook and we’ll send you photos of what’s available.




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Weight.05 oz
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Earrings, Necklace, Car Diffuser


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