Rosemary w/Cinnamon Deodorant Oil -1/3 oz


Rosemary is excellent for brain fog and muddy thinking. It really, really helps with concentration! We’ve added a small amount of cinnamon to help kill the bacteria that causes odor, and cinnamon is also a ‘wake-up’ kind of oil. This deodorant oil has a pleasant “herby” aroma. Comes in a 10ml (1/3oz) roller bottle).



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Directions: Use daily under arms each morning. Reapply in the afternoon if needed.
Ingredients: Almond oil, Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Cinnamon leaf essential oil
Our deodorant formulas are made with a base of Sweet Almond Oil. It’s extremely nutritious and bursting with essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and D. Also, we’ve added a bit of witch hazel, which is moisturizing and disinfecting, toning to skin and just a refreshing pick-me-up for your skin and health. After that, essential oils add their own unique properties to our deodorants.
Rosemary w/Cinnamon: This one is mostly rosemary smelling with just a small amount of cinnamon (since it’s a “hot” oil and too much could irritate). Rosemary aids the concentration and memory. It’s one of my favorite oils to clear brain fog. When I’m feeling the mud settle in to my thinking Rosemary Oil is my go-to. And then, Cinnamon combats the bacteria that causes b.o. and is a good wake-me-up oil to compliment. This oil has a definite “herby” aroma.
I’ve found, over time, that my body seems to adapt to using the same scent every day and I have more trouble with b.o. then, so I’ve learned to rotate between the scents. Using natural body powder under my arms helps too. And also, more than one application a day helps keep b.o. under control. When you ‘catch the tiniest whiff’ it’s time for another dose. Usually, this is needed by mid to late afternoon. Sometimes when it’s hot, I smell a bit of b.o. from myself when I’m out and about, and so I usually carry a bottle of natural deodorant in my purse.







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