Germaphobe’s Delight Spray

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The name says it all on this one. Tho’ all of our sprays are good as disinfectants, Germaphobe’s Delight has powerful germ fighting essential oils. Bay Laurel Leaf has been used in the past to kill coronaviruses like SARS. Orange oil has been proven to kill over 22 different varieties of bacteria and germs. Red Thyme oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral and an immune system stimulant. And Litsea Cubeba has been used in flu epidemics in the past; it also calms the heart and reduces stress and is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. The combo makes for lots of germ-fighting abilities as well as being a stress reliever! It’s wonderful to use on your kitchen counters as well.





Directions: Shake well before use.

Ingredients: alcohol, aloe, almond oil, castile soap, essential oils of bay laurel, orange, litsea cubeba. and red thyme

We have re-vamped our Germaphobe spray to better meet the challenges of COVID-19. There is evidence from a respected herbalist and scientist who worked on the Corona-type virus’ of several years ago (think SARS) that Bay Laurel Leaf will kill those corona germs. Of course, this strain of corona-virus is completely new, and no one knows what will work on it yet, but these oils are  most promising. Comprised of 190-proof alcohol, liquid aloe and a squirt of oil for moisturizing, a squirt of soap for germ/corona-killing effect, and anti-bacterial, anti-viral essential oils.

Uses: Germaphobe’s Delight Spray is in many ways more convenient than it’s gel form. Easy to tuck into a pocket or purse and have on hand to use in public restrooms on toilet seats and door handles. Use this spray in the air or on your pillow at night when you first feel a cold coming on. If you already have a cold, spray and rub it onto your hands and bedding frequently. Also be sure to spray frequently if there are those around you who have colds. Laurel Leaf and Thyme are “hot” oils, so use sparingly on or around babies and young children.

Essential oils are more than just smells and aromas, but actually have an herbal medicinal value to them. This spray can also help mental concentration and relieve stress. Because of the amount of alcohol, it smells very sharp, but after the initial inhale, the smell is very pleasant on the hands. After spraying we recommend you cup your hands over your face and inhale. It’s uplifting especially when fatigued, or when recovering from illness.

This spray can be cloudy and have “floaties” due to the presence of soap which also kills corona.

Note: the packaging may be different than in the photo depending on which bottles we have in stock at a given time.


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  1. D.A. Shannon

    Would you bring this to Farmers Market on 5-6? I would like 2 of them.
    Thank you! – Ann

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