Aromatherapy and Natural Healing Services

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I am a level 3 aromatherapist. That means I’ve had 850+ hours of schooling in aromatherapy. This includes such areas as Essential Oil properties, chemistry, botany and taxonomy, formulations (blending eo’s), basic human anatomy, EO safety, and study of the ethics involved in an aromatherapy practice.

My certification is through “Heart of Herbs Herbal School” which is run by Demetria Clark, a certified herbalist and aromatherapist.

I also have a Health Coach certificate from “Natural Health School”, run by Dr. Duane Weed. Areas of study include: herbalism, natural health philosophy, anatomy, the immune system, homeopathy, and weight management. However, I consider myself more of a “counselor” than a traditional coach.

I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose, prescribe, or advise anything medically, but I can “counsel” you and research for you if you are looking for possible alternative therapies involving essential oils or herbs or nutrition. I am not a certified herbalist, but have had 30+ years experience working with herbs. Again, I won’t diagnose anything, but can send you links and suggestions for you to research your condition for yourself.


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