Saying it Plain: Overweight and Obese People are at High Risk from Covid

She was my friend.
She was a wonderful, kind-hearted friend.
Not having much herself, but always giving.
Rarely feeling good herself, but always interested.
She loved BIG.
Hard-working. Loyal. Faithful.

She died from Covid.
…It took her within days.

She didn’t die because she didn’t wear a mask.
She didn’t die because of lack of social distancing.
I’m just gonna say this bluntly cuz there’s no way to gently say it.
She died because she was obese…

…And Covid goes after obese people. 😓

The issue wasn’t a lack of mask.
The issue wasn’t her age (she wasn’t elderly).
The issue wasn’t necessarily even all her health problems.
The issue was that she was obese
…and so her immune function didn’t allow for fighting off the virus.

What’s the definition of obese? A hundred pounds over the healthy body weight for your height. It’s also harder to fight off Covid if you’re mildly obese. Which basically equals: 50+ lbs overweight.

Take this seriously folks, 40% of Americans are obese. 32% are overweight. That’s 2/3rds of America!

And here’s the rub. The safest thing to avoid getting Covid and dying from it is NOT wearing a mask. The safest thing is LOSING WEIGHT if you are overweight. Get serious about what you eat. Get serious about being active. Because being overweight and being obese seriously lowers your immune function. It’s true. Search it out for yourself.

Of the several people we know who have contracted Covid, the overweight and obese are the ones who perished. They ranged in age from 40’s-70’s. The others we know who didn’t die, were, yes, younger (20’s-50’s), but were also at a healthier weight.

Everyone keeps arguing over masks, everyone keeps arguing about rights and loving each other. We all have been told over and over about who’s at risk; it’s talked about 24/7. But hardly anyone is coming out and saying it straight up so that folks can make sense of it in a way that impacts their own lives.

Fat folks and overweight folks are GREATLY AT RISK.

I’m saying it out of love.
I’m not saying this to shame anyone. I’m not judging anyone. I don’t use the word “fat” meanly. How can I? I myself was overweight and fat for all of my teen years and adult life. Many, many years.

I have no room to judge anyone. Yet, that’s the reason I HAVE to stand up and say these things.

I’ve got people in my life whom I love who are overweight and obese. Younger and older.

Those who are trapped in their sugar and junk food addictions. It’s not all their fault. It’s marketing and television and our society in general. There’s reasons. I get that. But, it’s still there.

And now, there’s Covid. It’s got to be said plainly. So that people understand.

The virus is not nearly as terrorizing as they’ve made it out to be. But yes, its real, and people die from it. Especially Fat People.

Yet, all everyone is talking about is masks. There’s those who believe the “science” that a mask will protect them from getting Covid. There’s those who believe the “other science” that it won’t protect them, and so resist. Both sides are self-righteous and not seeing what’s really important..

The truth is that safety isn’t in wearing a piece of cloth over your face. Neither is true freedom about that. Both though, safety and freedom, are found in getting healthier….

Granted, not every skinny person is healthy, and not every fat person is gonna get Covid. But you need to understand that if you’re overweight and/or obese and you do get it—you have a much greater chance of dying from it. People need to understand this in plain words and have the chance to process it, and change their lifestyle—if they choose.

In the end, when God says it’s a person’s time to go, then it’s a person’s time to go—Covid or not. We can trust His Love. Living and dying will continue to be in His perfect, all-knowing hands. But ya know, nobody that has ever taken charge of their appetite and lost the excess poundage regrets the almost brand-new quality of life it brings… in every direction.

Want to read more on obesity and how it effect immune function and impacts Covid? Check out the links below:

Me, at my heaviest. Me now. 18 or so years in between.
-120 lbs

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