Punches + Potshots, Medical Marijuana

I don’t pretend to be up on all the politics, but the whole legalizing marijuana in this state is about to take place, and there’s a humongous war going on over it. I see people lining up on both sides. The dukes are up and people are dunking punches and throwing potshots (no pun intended. Lol).

I completely see the benefit medicinally. But I see other things too. For instance…

Many of the folks who want to legalize marijuana for medical reasons wouldn’t need it if they changed their eating habits, eliminated chemicals, dealt with bitterness, unforgiveness, anger and a host of other wrongs.

Many of the folks who want to legalize it cite that it’s for medical reasons, but in their heart of hearts, what they really want is the easier availability for themselves not for any real medical issues. Some have been been using it for years illegally, and it’s not helped them with any real medical issues.

It’s all about money. The government and big Pharma don’t really care about health at all.

Almost everyone I know who does marijuana regularly has deceived themselves about using it for medical purposes. For years and years, long before this present debate, that’s always been the argument that comes forth and the logic used to defend it. Yet, none of the people I’ve known that use it have any true medical need for it (like cancer, seizures, Alzheimer’s, etc). 

We’re a nation of abusers. We’re an unhealthy people. And we’re looking for the quick fix to feel better when what’s needed is the long overhaul, taking responsibility for our eating habits, addictions, thoughts and lifestyle.

Those of us who are truly Christians have offended God in the richness of this America by not taking care of our bodies. We’ve abused them and overused them and destroyed them.. and then we expect that God’s okay with that. That there’s no consequences for our actions. 1 Cor 11:30. And that we can fix those consequences if we could just use marijuana legally. It’s just more deceiving ourselves.

We’ve destroyed God’s temple, and there’s consequences for that… and we’re not looking at him or ourselves at all.

Repentance and getting clean is what’s needed to make us healthy. Not marijuana.


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