Product Plug: Lysol with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi there! Just a little stop in to share a product recommendation that I’m doing a little happy dance over. A cleaner that is (mostly) non-toxic and actually works. I’m in love. ?

One of the hardest things about trying to clean with less exposure to chemicals is finding something that actually does a good job. To be totally honest, a lot of natural cleaning products just don’t do as well as their chemical counterparts. While I’m willing to live w a little less “clean” for the sake of avoiding the cancer-causing, hormone-disturbing chemicals, I do still miss the brightness and shine that a chemical solution can bring to an area.

The answer to a lot of our cleaning needs is our own Citrus Clean & Fresh spray that does a great job on counters and sinks. However, I was continually falling short on coming up with something that worked good on the shower.

Well, I think I’ve finally found something that I can get behind—and it’s made by Lysol of all people. Their products work really well, I confess, and I used them often in my earlier days. But after realizing how harmful the chemicals in cleaners really are and how much damage they can do to many human bodily systems, their products among others were ones I got rid of. Until now.

I’m not sure I’ve ever told you about They are the Environmental Working Group and their function is to rate many commercial products according to their hazard to your health and the environment. They have quite an extensive product review file. Their grading standard comes from the educational system with A being least harmless to F being the worst for you. Most of Lysol products have received an F from them due to the chemicals in them.

Well, Lysol with Hydrogen Peroxide is a B! (There’s even a couple “A’s” on there for Lysol Products that I’ve not used yet). Which means it may have a few chemicals, but only ones that are considered low-impact to health and the environment. I want to be mindful and careful of chemicals, but not to the point of being OCD, so I’m comfortable with a B level.

It cleans really well. (Bright shower again! ?). In fact, it cleans almost as well as a bleach product, honestly–and there’s no bleach in it. It smells really good too without being gag-level and lingering forever (important because synthetic smells are a source of chemicals). We use it in the shower and on the kitchen floor to “spit mop” in between real mopping (which is what we call using a damp rag w the foot to “mop” up dirty spots). I intend to try it as a toilet bowl cleaner too and see how it does.

Another awesome plus, is it didn’t cost an arm and a leg like many natural products. It was only $3 at Walmart, so the price is do-able too.

Kinda hard to get a glam shot of a Lysol bottle, but here ya go. So you know what to look for. Be sure to check out the Environmental Working Group to check up on your own cleaning products that you use, and get their chemical safety profile on them. It really is important for so many reasons. Less chemicals, more health…..

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