Herbal Teas

We get asked all the time if we grow our own herbs. We do, and also wildcraft some, but not enough to be able to make this volume of tea. So, we purchase herbs from trusted sources–that we ourselves use, and create healthy and useful tea blends ourselves based on our research, knowledge, and 30+ years experience using herbs. We do not do organic, but are careful to source our purchases from outside the USA as much as possible due to other countries having stricter laws about pesticide use and/or doing less spraying.
Note: teas online may not come in organza bags.

Note: As of October 1, 2023, we no longer process orders from our website, primarily focusing on local sales, pick up, and delivery. However, if you would like to order something, you can email us at JsCrossing@proton.me

You can find our products local at a terrific little store called The FARMacy Barn to Market in Ochelata, Oklahoma. (you can look them up on FB)

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