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Here’s the truth about our oils: (Excerpt from Essential Oil Companies: Who to Trust?) “…we cannot guarantee the oils we sell are 100% pure. We just don’t have $200-300 to spend for testing each of our oils. We purchase from wholesale companies …whom we feel have proved to us a high integrity and professionalism in the way they do business.

“…The companies that supply us have always made right whatever might have been wrong with an order, are quick to disclose testing reports when asked, and they answer any and all questions with courtesy and without any sense that they’re covering up anything.

“Beyond those things, we personally use each and every oil to obtain our own “organoleptic” feel for it… That basically means we’ve been our own guinea pigs and actually, physically used the oils on our own selves. For comparison’s sake, we’ve used oils from the bigger EO companies and feel our oils compare well with them, and even exceed some of them in effectiveness.”

Each oil or blend comes in a bottle with a reducer orifice (meaning you can tip it to pour out drops). 5 ml =approximately 100 drops, 15 ml =approximately 300. We are able to order just about any oil, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or you want anything in a larger size just contact us at
For more info see our Essential Oil Usage Guide.

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