Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

We welcome you to check out our hand-made diffuser jewelry. Pretty, useful, and well… pretty! We were buying the necklaces we made from China, but before all the virus stuff even occurred, had decided to stop doing that and make our own instead just to be more faithful to our own country. So that’s what we did! Made from Lava Rocks, they soak up essential oils nicely and keep your aroma and the eo benefits right in the area you need it. And now, with the virus going on, they’re even more useful. We sell necklaces, earrings and car diffusers. There’s three different sizes– small, medium and large. We have tried to keep the pricing uniform, so as not to make it too confusing. Pictures uploaded here are only examples. Our stock is constantly changing so we will send you pics of what we have available when you order and you can choose from that. Or customize your own! Just email us with what you would like.

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