Overcoming Diabetes Part 2: Finding Peace on the Information Highway

I want to preface these articles by saying, I don’t know all the answers for diet and diabetes. I haven’t got it all figured out. I can tell you what has worked for me and what didn’t, and what I’m thinking on lately, but beyond that I’m no expert on these subjects. I surf and read just like the rest of you. I have my favorite trusted sources whose advice I read and adjust to my circumstances, but I make no claims to being anything grander than just a plain ol’ housewife who’s interested in health and wellness and hopes to help those who are looking for help.

Another thing that’s on my heart to explain further is….we’re not wealthy by any means. We do believe it’s so important to eat healthy, but we do also so have to watch the budget. We do organic when we can, but aren’t OCD (obsessive-compulsive) about it; we utilize the farmers market in the Spring-Fall and freeze/can what we can afford. We avoid chemicals where possible. We raise our own chickens for the eggs. We drink raw milk cuz it’s easily available and fairly cheap here. We’re gluten free almost exclusively; however not being truly allergic to gluten (celiac), there’s a (very) few wheat-based things we’ve chosen to allow (very) occasionally. We do as much of the healthy stuff as finances let us and we don’t sweat it when we’re not able to.

Ok. There. Phew. ? I don’t know why, but I feel better with all those statements off the top.

I say all this cuz I just wanna remove the pressure off folks. Life is sooo full of an overload of Peace-Quote-2-1024x678information. I don’t wanna be one of those self-righteous voices that knows everything and seems to do all the right things and who has the feel of looking down on others who don’t do the same. I DO wanna give you things to think on, and challenge you cuz that’s how and who I am. But, I don’t want anyone to leave feeling guilted and two-feet tall and like they’re doing everything wrong.

Life is so not about all the above things and more. Life is about God. And people. And Love. And finding freedom and peace.

Hmm so… This was s’posed to be about my diabetes…. ? but, we can call this my “preface article” even though it’s part 2. Lol.

Ok. Just a very few, short thoughts since this is getting long already.

The day after my stroke when I went to the hospital, they recorded my A1c at 10.1. This was the day after Thanksgiving, Nov 29, 2014 so I’d had a lot of carbs for a few days before. I’m sure that’s partly why it was so high, but the A1c is a reading that averages 3 months of blood sugar, so the holiday might’ve effected it some, but it was definitely high.
6 months later in June 2015 it was 6.6.
6 months after that, I was down to 5.8.
Normal is 5.7ish
My last appointment in February 2016 my A1c was 5.2.

How did I do it?

Blood, sweat, and tears? Maybe. Ok. Maybe not. ?

I’m thinking we’ll go ahead and leave it here for now and pick it up next time.

I wanna leave you with the thought: “be at peace“. If you’re happy with your weight and diet, then these articles probably aren’t for you. But if there’s any lil niggling in the back of your mind that maybe things should be different, and you’d like to make changes, but don’t know where to start….this could be some encouragement. Or, if you suffer from depression, migraines, auto-immune conditions, mystery illness, mystery pain, or any number of other weirdnesses, then perhaps it’d be good to think on this stuff, and see if it any of it gels with you.

Until next time,
mary ???

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