Overcoming Chronic Diarrhea, part 1

I can’t necessarily say that I really wanna talk about this… but since a good majority of this blog is about some of the health problems I’ve walked through and have experience with, I feel a tug to do so. Let me warn you though. It’s not a pleasant thing….

Diarrhea. Chronic Diarrhea. Blech.

The kind where you don’t always make it to the bathroom. The kind you think only old people have to deal with, except you’re not “that” old. The kind that makes your belly look like rolling ocean waves, and gives you so much gas that you’re constantly fearful of “tooting” at inappropriate times. It was waking me up the middle of the night oftentimes, I’d usually have 3 rounds of having to “go” before it was all cleared and quiet again. Yeah, that kind of diarrhea….😓

It started last Fall when we were on vacation. Everything I ate just started going through me. I didn’t feel sick at all though. Just whatever I ate came out as diarrhea. I thought it was just bad water. You know, a different city, different water filtration, etc. Even just different bottled water than you’re used to can cause digestive upset.

We got back home, and it did get a little better for a time, but it didn’t go away entirely. So, I then started the whole process of eliminating different foods to try to pinpoint what was causing it. I basically pinpointed over the next few weeks that well, every food group was causing it. Ugh. No matter what I ate, it caused diarrhea. 💩 Some foods were better, some were worse, but to my dismay, it was generally the healthy foods that seemed to give the most trouble. The stuff I needed to be eating to maintain my weight loss and to remain diabetes-free. Veggies, salad, fruits, anything with probiotics in it like yogurt or cottage cheese (yet not all dairy). Those were all causing problems.

It can take quite a while to go through all the processes of food journaling and eliminating this or that and then adding it back in. Six months later, not much had changed, and I was feeling desperate.
Now, I know what you’re thinking…. Why didn’t I just go to the doctor? Well, with the state of things in the medical world back in that time frame, I didn’t really feel comfortable having a lot of medical intervention. Of course, those that know me know that’s been true for me for years now, but it was especially so back then with all the medical pressuring being put upon folks regarding the vac cine and given how I felt it may effect me.

I also know that digestive issues aren’t really well-understood in allo-pathic medicine, and there isn’t any way for us to afford a naturo-pathic doc because our insurance doesn’t allow such. So, with all of those circumstances being in place, I opted to get on my face and seek the Lord with all my heart for the needed answers. He’s not a last ditch option–He’s the Great Physician after all.

It wasn’t long after that he dropped the answer in my lap basically.

In coming across info on something else (seems like it always happens like that), I landed on an article about “Histamine Disregulation”, and one sentence caught my eye: “This elevated level of histamine will promote inflammation in the GI tract, and it’s most obvious outcome will be diarrhea.”1

This caused me to recall something I’d read while researching for the hormone series of articles we did a while back, something about elevated histamine levels being responsible for incontinence. I didn’t really pursue it at the time, but it was an aha!-moment as the Lord allowed the memory to resurface and connected up the two. I knew he was giving me the answer.

So…. The obvious question is: what is histamine? Cue the cliffhanger. Sorry. Lol. Hit me up for part 2 if you’re interested to know more.

1Histamine Intolerance: A Common Cause of Chronic Complaints. Krista Moyer, ND 2016


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