Our Bodies Can Learn to Crave Healthy Food

Veggie tray for lunch today with a(n unseen) bowl of chili on the side (cuz it’s cold and blustery -shiver).

Jicama (hee-cuh-muh) is pretty awesomely tasty and packed with good for you stuff. Dr. Mercola has a good article on its benefits.

Celery. If someone had told me a year ago that I’d enjoy eating celery, I might have rolled my eyes and said nuh-uh! But God made our bodies in such a way that they crave what we put in them. If we put junk food in them, we crave junk food. If we put healthy stuff then we crave that. Yes, I forced myself to eat celery at first, but now I can feel my body needing and wanting it.

And last, but not least, carrots. Real, long, bugs bunny type carrots that I sliced myself. I’m not a baby carrot fan. They just don’t taste as good and don’t have the same benefits as a regular carrot….but mostly they just don’t taste as good. Lol.
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