No-Itch Salve

Our No-Itch Salve is one of our summer best sellers at the Market. Made with Plantain herb which is a common weed found in your backyard. It might be ho-hum as you pass it by, but it’s ability to quell itchy bug bites is outstanding! We gather the herb, often by hand, and infuse it into olive oil. Anti-itch par excellence.

We then add zinc oxide to the formula. It coats the itchy area and, along with beeswax, helps to keep the air off the bite which tones down the itchiness. Then to the mix we add essential oils of camphor—a well-known itch relief oil—and also peppermint which is cooling to inflamed skin, and on a mental level helps draw attention away from the itch.

So, there you have it. Our No-Itch Salve. Safe for young children and up. We’ve even had parents tell us that their little kids ask for “that itch stuff” when they can’t stop scratching.

We’ve had so many compliments on it. Some of our biggest customers are the farmers who garden and bring produce to the Market. Being in and amongst the plants all day is to be mosquito bait big time, especially with a rainy Spring this year. No-Itch is very soothing at the end of a long day of gardening. We’ve also had folks use this for such things as hemorrhoids, yeast infections, spider bites, and tick bites. It can also soothe poison ivy & oak, as well as heat rash and diaper rash

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