New Website and New Arthritis Balm

 Howdy, everyone, 🙂

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re posting this to our new website. Come visit us at and take a look around! 🙂

Hope you’ve been having a productive Friday. Just wanted to share a tiny bit about another item that we’re adding to our line of salves: Arithritis Balm. Made with olive oil infused with herbs of Comfrey, Yarrow, and St. John’s Wort with essential oils of Palmarosa and Pine added in.

Each of these herbs and oils on their own can be very soothing to aching joints. Combine them all and you have an effective topical treatment for the pain of arthritis. To the oils we’ve added enough beeswax so that this ointment isn’t too oily. The beeswax holds in the oils and moisture and is very hydrating to the skin. I love the feel of it, and I like to use this Balm on my bad knee at night before I go to bed.

We’ll be at the Bartlesville Farmer’s Market bright and early tomorrow morning as usual. If you’re local come grab some coffee, some breakfast, and some veggies, and stop by and say ‘hi!’ 🙂




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