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It’s no secret nowadays. Natural things are disappearing from view on the internet. When you search for anything health related all the top websites that come up are medical or drug oriented. Even when you put the words “natural” or “herbal” in the sites that come up are medical ones with their ideas on natural and herbal. (Sites like Healthline and WebMD, etc.). Not knocking their info or sites, it’s useful for some, but yes, being natural-minded we’re still looking for something different.

Truth is, the powers that be don’t want people knowledgeable in taking care of their own or their kids’ health problems with herbs, essential oils, or anything that is natural and alternative. It doesn’t make any money for them.

This isn’t new. It’s been gradually happening for the last 12-15 years or more, but has accelerated 100-fold since 20 20. So I thought I’d put together a list of the natural and alternative sites that I have used in the past, and that way I would have it all in one place to refer to and share with others. I’ll be adding to it off and on as i think of others.

So here we go, in no specific order:

Dr. Joseph Mercola. He has been someone I’ve followed for years. He has detailed and helpful information on natural and herbal methods. Unfortunately, he’s been highly censored and has had to take measures to protect his site and requires a subscription now. He has a free daily newsletter that he sends out that is quality.

Dr. Ben Lynch. He is the author of “Dirty Genes”. Alot of genetic information here, with helpful insights onto the whys of the health issues taking place in our bodies.

Medical Herbalist Richard Whelan. My go-to for herbal information. His site lists herbs and their functions and also has a search function for various ailments. Quite helpful if you’re looking to understand various herbs and their function and to learn from his experiences.

Rosalee de le Foret. More great info on various herbs and ailments. She’s a clinical herbalist and health consultant. Great herbal recipes too!

Where we buy most of our bulk herbs.

Katie Wells. I started with her on the internet a long time ago. She has great info on a lot of natural topics including some great recipes.

Dr. Mariza Snyder. Everything natural for everything hormonal.

Dr. Ray Peat. This is his website, but wow, this guy has a lot of stuff on youtube and otherwise. I usually type in the condition I’m looking up and then his name, and there’s usually a lot to be found.

Quite a lot there. An ailments section that’s quite lengthy.

Everything essential oils, including a resources page to help you find other helpful websites on EO’s.

Environmental Working Group. Where you can go to find out how toxicity of various cleaners and detergents, etc.

Sarah Pope. Lots of nutritional information and recipes. Traditional/ancestral diet info, Holistic Health. She’s a thorough researcher and has a lot of detailed info about lots of different natural and green living.

Pearl Barret and Serene Allison. I lost over 100 lbs on this plan and corrected my diabetes. We already have a resource page for them on the site. You can find it at:

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