Natural and Herbal Strategies for Weird Covid-like Illness

I recently had a bout of “something”. I can’t say with 100% certainty that it was Cov id, but that’s my suspicion because after all the strange symptoms were over, I was left without smell and taste. The illness never got really bad; I never even had a fever with it, and so there wasn’t any need to see a doctor, thus I never got tested. But it was weird, to say the least.

For me, one sign that I know signals an illness coming on is that I will get visual auras. They present differently in different people, but mine are most often yellow-glowing jagged lines in a circular shape within my field of vision. They start small and get larger as it goes on. They usually last for 20-30 minutes. They’re not painful, but can be a little disconcerting.

Most people get visual auras as a precursor to a migraine, but for me they have always signaled an infection or illness of some sort. My norm is one every now and then, and they stop once I start taking herbs to boost my immune system. Well, with this recent weird illness, I knew it was different because I was having one aura after another for almost two days straight, and all of my normal protocols weren’t working to get rid of them.

Along with the non-stop auras came a major headache. And soooo much fatigue. No energy. Hard to stay awake. This lasted maybe 4-5 days. I was able to push through it, but was taking power naps off and on. Another weird symptom were my eyes turning red. It looked much like pink eye without the seepage. They seriously looked like I had major allergies or had been smoking tons of dope.

This all lasted for at least two weeks. I got rid of it for a month, but then, it came back. It’s waning now again thankfully after about a week.

Though I can’t officially “name” this illness, I still wanted to share the herbal protocols I used that seemed to help me kick it both times. I wanted to get it out there just in case anyone else has some weird, suspicious illness of the same sort.

Vitamin D3 — 25,000 IU per day. (I take 10-15,000 per day in the winter on a regular basis, so I bumped it up when I started feeling sick).
Chelated Zinc — 30 mg 2x per day.
(I feel like these two had a very significant impact on feeling better. Upping your D3 intake whenever you’re feeling the sickies is always helpful).

Colloidal silver — 1 teaspoon 4x per day.
(I used this as a spray for my eyes)

Echinacea tincture and Elderberry tincture — 3ml (approx 1 dropperful) every 3 hrs.
(Wonderful immune system boosters that are staples during cold and flu season).

Wormwood tincture — 1ml 2-3x per day.
(Not for the faint-hearted. This is one of the most bitter, awful tasting herbs on the planet. I happened to have it on hand because I’d been using it for digestive complaints last year. There’s some evidence this can work on Cov id, and honestly, when I started taking the tincture, is when I started to get better. I didn’t add it til the second week with the first bout of illness. And with this second round, I added it from the start which is why I think it lasted half the time. So, I do think there’s a good deal of probability to the idea that it may help with Cov id, at least for some).

Elecampane and Boneset herbs — 3/4 cup of tea 2x per day.
(These are lung herbs. I was using them as a precaution mainly, but i do think they helped. But be warned on these two herbs—do not drink more than this or they will make you nauseated and not be nice to your tum tum. Um, don’t ask me how i know ☹).

Nebulized peroxide — 4 drops food grade peroxide in Saline solution 1-2x per day.
(I have a nebulizer to help with my allergies. And this is a recommended natural treatment for Cov id. I do feel like it helped and kept my lungs clear, but didn’t necessarily make the illness go away).

Oregano, Grave Robbers (Thieves), Thyme essential oils each diluted to 15% and applied behind the ears every 2-3 hours.
(I used these alternately. As always, with EO’s they’re ‘companion’ medicines to assist other protocols).

Okay—so I don’t know that I actually had Cov id. So take this all for what you will. I’m not trying to be anybody’s expert. Just telling my experience with the mysterious and weird Cov id-like illness I’ve had twice now. And honestly, I wonder if I haven’t had mildly it one other time, during the winter of 2019 before the pandemic started, because I lost my smell then too.

So…it goes without saying, these statements are not approved by the FDA, the CD C, Anthony Fau ci or any other person in the supposed know. Nor are these statements a substitute for licensed medical care. Check with your own doc when in doubt, especially if you’re on any meds.

The purpose of Jordan’s Crossing Herbal Connections is to promote the sharing of information about healthy, natural products and dietary supplements. JCHC’s views and opinions are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured or pregnant, please consult a licensed health care professional.

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