The front door of the hospital where I was wheeled and put in the vehicle to go HOME! πŸ™‚

Facebook Post: Dec 12, 2014 Goin home!!!

My getting to go home early was totally the Lord. I was supposed to be in for another week. But earlier in the week, there were signs that Mollie (my daughter) would be going into labor soon. I prayed and asked the Lord that if He was going to allow me to get out in time, if I could be home for at least 3-4 days before so I could get acclimated. Earlier that week, I’d also felt like He laid it on my heart that I wouldn’t be in there over another weekend. So it came to be Friday morning and I was talking to the Lord and telling Him I didn’t know how He could do it, but I wasn’t going to work anything at all and try to make it happen. It was going to be all Him or nothing. I didn’t even try to β€œwait on Him”. I just relaxed after that.

Well, I’d accomplished all my therapy by noon and had been sitting in my room basically feeling sorry for myself for several hours. Not wanting to be there anymore. Not feeling like I could stomach another tasteless hospital meal. Feeling weepy. Emotional. Not knowing how God could work things, but resigned to the possibility that maybe it wasn’t His will that I be able to go home.

One of the head nurses who deals with the insurance came in to tell me something having to do with info they needed. She was also the nurse in charge of discharges. While she was there, she mentioned something about a medicine that could help you not go to the bathroom so much. I broke into tears. This was a huge issue for me. Having to bother people to take me to the bathroom so often was totally upsetting and embarrassing to me. My body just wasn’t acting normally. I think a lot of it was because of my period. A lot of it was also because I was trying to drink enough water so that I wasn’t dehydrated which caused my leg to cramp, but because I was trying to drink more, I had to go more. Also, they all thought it was having to go pee at night that kept me awake, but it was the other way around. Since I couldn’t achieve any depth of sleep, I was up at night a lot to go pee.

Anyway, it was a big issue to me. There was no subject she could’ve mentioned that would’ve made me cry faster. I actually felt sorry for her because she felt so bad that she’d even brought it up. In her fumbling attempts to apologize and comfort me, she asked if I wanted to go home. She was the one nurse that could make that happen. God was at work. I didn’t even say yes (I was afraid to lest I make it happen myself). But she talked to the doctor, who happened to be there on the floor right then, and he okayed it, and she pushed everything through! I didn’t do a single thing. God made it happen!

So the very thing that was so traumatic and embarrassing to me was the exact thing God used to bring about my early release. I hadn’t realized that until just now as I’m writing this….. if I hadn’t had to go pee so much, I wouldn’t have been sent home ahead of schedule. The irony is awesome. πŸ™‚ I feel a little like I’ve been hugged by God. Thank the Lord for an overactive bladder! Lol. The way He does things is so cool. All things DO work together for good.

They wheeled me out the door around 5 pm. The first thing we did was go across the street to Wendy’s to get a frosty. Best thing I ever tasted in my life. Lol.

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