Checkov from Star Trek
The Doctor reminded me of Chekov from Star Trek

The initial tests in the ER came back negative. My blood pressure was high, but not that high. Certainly not stroke level. My blood sugar was high, but not that high. Certainly not stroke level. The only thing the initial tests showed was that I was low on hemoglobin (and so slightly anemic).

The nurse was a gem. The lady ER doctor was not. She was belligerent and accusing. I’ll try to be fair and paint her as she really was and not exaggerate on either side of things, but, truth is, she wasn’t very nice, and I didn’t like her much. She made me feel stupid for using herbs and made it seem to be my fault that I’d had a stroke because I didn’t have my blood pressure and blood sugar under control. Maybe it was my fault? Who knows? I’m honestly willing for it to be my fault, but again, the numbers just weren’t that high. (Read more of my questionings on that here).

The doctor that came after her was the same way. He was an odd Russian guy with the accent and the whole bit. Self righteous. Self important. Have to admit I had fun making fun of him when he wasn’t around. Referred to him as “Chekov” from Star Trek. Lol. I know, that’s not very Christian of me, but it was what it was, and it relieved some of the tension. He tried baiting me, accusing me of having a stroke for the same reasons the lady doctor did, berating me for not having a regular doctor as if that would’ve made all the difference, but I just tucked in and stayed quiet.

Their accusations hurt, and made me angry on one level, but I knew they were just acting out from the basis of the medical understanding that they knew. It was personal, but not against me personally, if that makes any sense. In other words, they weren’t necessarily against me, but against herbs and natural alternatives and against the superior, holier than thou attitudes of many on the natural end of things (which they assumed was where I was). Understandable. Forgivable.

By this time, it was late afternoon and we’d been there for hours. They said they were going to admit me. I honestly thought it would just be an overnight thing. I had no clue.

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