The “caddy” and the “Vdub”

My husband is a very funny man. And he was having some fun at my expense. So, I’d get him back by posting his shenanigans on Facebook. Nah.


Dec 19, 2014

Jeff: (looking at the walker) I should put a motor on it and soup it up for you; it would help you.
Me: Yea, it would help me do a face plant onto the floor!
Such are our conversations nowadays…LOL
I’m thankful for a husband who can make me laugh!!



Dec 21, 2014

Me: (making an observation while in the shower): this shower needs cleaned.
Jeff: can I just spray paint it?


Dec 25, 2014

Jeff‘s been having waay too much fun at my expense- not that any of you who know us would believe that. LOL. It’s good to laugh (but don’t tell him that).



Jan 2, 2015

ever since the stroke i can’t hit the broad side of a trash can for nothing. so this morning I was saving up trash to get up and throw away, and Jeff says, “you might as well throw it on the floor now and get it over with..” haha


Jan 7, 2015

“The Parking Lot” in our office as Jeff calls it. Two walkers- the nice one on the left is the “cadillac” (loaned to us by a kind neighbor), and the little on the right is “the VW bug” according to Jeff. He cracks me up. Lol. (see pic above)


Jan 10, 2015

Jeff: Aw man. The dishes need done again.
Me: Welcome to my world before the stroke…all I ever got done was dishes.
Jeff: well, you can have your world back anytime….


Jan 18, 2015

Josiah upon entering the bedroom and seeing the bedside commode for the first time: “Hey! they have a big boy potty chair!” lol too cute.


Jan 20, 2015

My handicap tags came today. Jeff says it’s official now: I’m “old”.


Feb 1, 2015

Jeff’s idea of therapy: “we need to have steak tonight, so we can see if you’re able to cut it w your bad hand.” Uh huh. So glad he’s looking out for ‘my’ benefit. Lol


Feb 2, 2015

Was working on speech this morning and one of the things I had to say and emphasize various parts was about cigarettes. Since I haven’t smoked in years, I changed it to something more appropriate:

**Give** me that chocolate.
Give **me** that chocolate.
Give me **that** chocolate.
Give me that **chocolate**.

Jeff and I were having fun with that. LOL


Feb 12, 2015

As we’re going down the stairs and Jeff is in front of me…
Jeff: “just let me know if you’re going to fall and I’ll get out of the way”.
Seriously, he cracks me up! 😛


For My Husband:

I’ve been reading in Ephesians 5 lately about husbands and wives
and thinking about how Christlikeness is not always found in the ones
who are preaching and teaching and are able to have pretty,
spiritual words, and converse long about spiritual things.
To be truly spiritual isn’t found in the gifts a man possesses, or the
things that give him honor before others.
It’s found in the nitty gritty of every day life and in what he’s
willing to give up of himself for the sake of his wife.
I can sincerely say that I’ve seen this Christlikeness in my husband
ever since the stroke. (i saw it before, but now it’s anchored in my soul).
It’s not just me that’s had to die to self. It’s not just me that’s suffered loss.
I didn’t have a choice. But my husband has been confronted with
the choice of giving up his wants and needs and desires constantly
and his choice has constantly been to lay down his life for me;
selflessly, washing me with the spirit of the word Who dwells in him
(not always with literal words, nor even the scriptures, but with his presence and life-giving attitudes and actions).
I often sit and think how I doubt much that i would be so patient, kind,
and loving if the roles were reversed. ….
Thank you, God, for my husband and for this trial that has
brought out Christ to the forefront in us both.

“So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church.”

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