My Stroke Story

Hi everyone, I graduated from physical therapy last Monday, and it’s been pretty quiet around here since then. However, we have been gearing up for the opening of the Bartlesville Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 2nd. Hope you will stop by and see us! We’ll have soap for sale, lotion bars, teas, salves, bug spray and other goodies.

Thought I’d go ahead and share the link again for My Stroke Story. With therapy coming to an end, I sorta feel a bit like a page is turning for me. Put the past behind and look toward the future kind of feeling. Tho’ it’s a good physical accomplishment for me to finish with therapy, there’s still a ways to go physically, and still improvements and adventures to be gained.

I wish I could say I was confident about all that, but the reality is I feel uncertain about alot of things. Still, there’s one thing I am absolutely certain of:  I am certain of Who has brought me this far and Who will walk the rest of the way holding my hand.

Love you all and hope to see you soon!


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