My Bursitis and our Headache Pillows

Headache Pillows

Headache Pillows – I’ve always liked our headache pillows as a means to relax and de-stress, but recently had the opportunity (unfortunately) to use them as a cold pack and hot pack. I came down with a case of bursitis in my shoulders, and if you’ve ever had it, you know how painful it is. Like a knife stuck in your shoulder joint. Literally. I put myself on a natural antibiotic, took some ibuprofen at the worst of it, and then have used an herbal analgesic since. It’s improved, thankfully.

Both hot and cold treatments seemed to work for pain relief. And our headache pillows worked awesome for both! Sometimes I would put it in the freezer and let it get cold then apply it to my shoulder til it warmed up. Other times I’d nuke the pillow for about 20 secs in the microwave to warm it and then put it on my shoulder til it cooled. Both were very effective for an hour’s worth of relief or so.

We have lots of different, random fabrics, both feminine and masculine, and a number of OU and OSU as well as a few NFL teams. They make unique gifts for the hard-to-buy for person. You can find them in our store under “headache relief”.


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