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Hi there! It’s been a couple weeks since last we talked! 🙂 I’ve (mary) been a bit on the back burner while dealing with 3 extracted teeth that didn’t exactly cooperate well in the pain department. I think we’re back on the upswing now though. So… to jump back in… a few weeks ago, we wrote about Black Drawing Salve and No-Itch Salve. Well, last week we added a couple new salves, Green Goop and Simple Salve, and this week we are adding an additional couple of balms: Sore Muscle Balm and Headache Balm.

What’s the difference between salves and balms, you might wonder? Salves are made with herbs, oils, and beeswax. Balms are the same except that they also have essential oils in them. (I sound smart, but I only just figured this out myself. Lol).

Green Goop, antibiotic healing salve

Green Goop – We’ve used Green Goop in our family for ages. It’s one of the first herbal concoctions that I learned to make many years ago. It’s a healing, anti-biotic salve made with olive oil that’s been infused (which means it’s steeped 1-3 hours) with herbs. Comfrey is the base herb we use in the salve, and it’s well-known for it’s ability to heal cuts, burns, lesions, and injuries. Calendula is another herb included which has the ability to boost the healing rate on a wound and to help prevent infection. Echinacea also is well-known in herbal circles as an antibiotic herb. And lastly, we use St. John’s Wort in our salve. St. John’s Wort is mostly known as an anti-depressant herb, but surprisingly has healing and pain-relieving properties. So, not only does Green Goop heal a wound, but it also cuts pain very well. (I’ve even had relatives who use this salve to help with arthritis).

Simple Salve, un-petroleum jelly

Simple Salve – Think Vaseline. This salve is simply a mixture of oils and beeswax that are blended together to make a natural alternative to un-natural petroleum jelly. The consistency of this salve is almost luxurious. I like using it as a lip balm. I like sticking it up my nose at night so my sinuses don’t get dried out. I like putting it at the edges of my eyes so I don’t get crow’s feet. It’s great for anything you’d use vaseline for. Since it’s made with coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax, it has a slightly honey-coconut scent to it. Nice stuff!

Sore Muscle Balm – This would be a l’il bit like Tiger Balm but not exactly. This balm doesn’t have an over-powering smell or hotness to it. You can basically put this on and go out and about without everyone turning to look at you with that ‘oh yea, it’s ben-gay’ look. And it’s not immediately hot like many over the counter products. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doing it’s job. Once you massage it in, it slowly gets warmer as it penetrates the muscle. It has essential oils of camphor, peppermint, cassia

Headache Balm and Sore Muscle Balm

(cinnamon), and clove which are both cooling and heating. It also has essential oil of lemongrass which is a muscle relaxant. Castor oil is one of the base oils, and it is another that is slowly-penetrating while relaxing to muscles. So, while this product is much more toned down than commercial muscle balms, leave it on for 20 minutes or so, and let it do it’s thing and you’ll be surprised at the pain relief and limbering up of your muscles.

Headache Balm – This product works best if you catch your headache before it gets full-blown. It’s made with Calendula-infused coconut oil, castor oil, and with essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint. Calendula has some pain-reducing qualities. Castor oil relaxes muscles. Euc, Lav, and peppermint are all well-known herbal headache busters. Rub this balm into your temples, across your forehead, and on the bone behind your ears at the first sign of headache. If you’re still feeling it, reapply in about 15-20 minutes. Usually a second application will kick it.

Well, that’s it for this time. It’s supposed to be 99 this coming Saturday for the market. Hopefully we, and all our stuff, won’t melt! 😛




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