Love Me Some “E”!

Many of you know I’ve been following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating and living for a while now.

I’ve grown to love their E meals.

They are truly energizing. That’s what “E” stands for. Energy. Especially if I have a busy day, they are invaluable for giving me staying power to get my tasks accomplished.

E meals, on Thm, consist of a lowfat protein pared with healthy carbs.

A lot of folks on Trim Healthy Mama struggle with E meals. That’s cuz they are often lighter meals, and not as filling, so you get hungrier faster. Which makes it harder to last to the recommended 3-4hr mark for eating the next snack or meal.

Also, if you’re diabetic, you do have to be careful with carbs that will spike your blood sugar. When I began Thm, I watched my sugar levels carefully while eating E’s to find out what was a no no and what kinds of fruits or grains didn’t spike me.

Watermelon and grapes made me spike bad. But pineapple and peaches were good. Cherries too in moderation. Oatmeal was good, but more than one slice of bread was bad. The amounts were telling too. Too large of a portion was an oopsey. (These things are me; everyone is different, but I’d think they’re generally so for each one).

After almost 2 years on Thm, my diabetes is back in the normal range, and so I can enjoy E meals without having to watch so meticulously. I do keep track occasionally though, and what I’m seeing is that my blood sugar initially goes higher after an E, but then a few hours later it actually drops even lower than it does with S (high fat/low carb) meals. I’m guessing that’s for a couple reasons.

1. E meals are lighter meals. They don’t “sit” in your system or in your belly to bog you down physically like a meal that’s heavy on fats.

2. E meals give you energy. To get up and going and be moving around a lot. Not empty energy like a candy bar or white sugar/flour dessert either. This is energy that’s sustainable and doesn’t drop out on you when your sugar spikes and then crashes.

This moving is way beneficial to blood sugar! (And lots of other health issues). And it isn’t always exercise or something like that, but, for me, just moving around, making products and filling orders for the business, cooking, and moving from room to room, doing household things in the midst of working at the ‘puter and writing, etc.

Like I said, a lot of folks avoid E’s cuz they get hungry sooner, but I find if I’m staying busy, and not continually on one screen or another, then I don’t honestly notice that I’m hungry. I think that’s key to E meals and life and health in general. Being sedentary and idle messes with our physical health a lot, but also our mental and emotional health.

So, step into those E meals, grab some precious energy and Go!

If you’d like to read other articles on my Thm journey, just type “Trim Healthy Mama” into the search bar, and it’ll pull up several articles.

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