Lavender and Lemongrass Spray

I love this spray! Being made with lavender and lemongrass essential oils, it smells Soo wonderful and we use it for so many things!

We use it as:

an air freshener (mmm!)
a disinfectant for hands and surfaces
a linen spray to help keep bugs and spiders off of sheets and bedding
a dandruff spray (spray on scalp after shower!) lavlemongr
a body spray
It is excellent for use as an anti-itch spray (be careful! the lemongrass might sting on an open sore).
It’s useful for lice-outbreaks (these two essential oils are often used in commercial lice products).
We use it on our puppy as an effective flea and tick repellent (however do NOT use this on your cat!! Cat’s can’t process essential oils and it could be fatal!)

If it’s not storming at the Bville Farmer’s Market tomorrow, stop by and visit for a few! 🙂




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